"$1.42 in your account," said the lady in the bank. "How would you like it?"
"Just a dollar and coins is fine thanks," I said!

Well we all have dreams to do something we love and at times the money just isn't there!

For me it was in 1995, when Chalk n Cheese was a thought, a dream I had whilst living in the UK designing for the high street brands. Whilst I knew I had to come home and do something with my degree the thought of travelling was far better.

After returning to Australia I started working full time for a well-known Australian brand and it was at this time I started Chalk n Cheese. I began working at night and on weekends to build the range and working in the store on weekends. Wholesale started to grow along with our brand, and life was pretty busy trying to do everything. Having never had my own business, and with very little money, all I knew was I wanted to have an all Australian made and owned children's' clothing business. I wanted my label to be different and not follow other people's trends and direction, but rather a brand I would want to wear, colourful, beautiful quality, but most importantly something I wanted to enjoy doing!

Then I don't know how it happened but baby number one was on the way.  Nothing in life has taken my breath away as much as becoming a mum. Life really had meaning. I decided to stop working full time for someone else and follow my dreams. With my little family of three, happy and all so in love we could take on anything!!

Four years later business was going well then baby number 2 came along with many headaches and the thought of stopping everything did pop into my head (often)! But after 12 years now and I can honestly say I have no idea where they went! And a lot of sweat and tears we're still are here today.

Would I change anything! No! But I do want to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful customers for your constant encouraging feedback, the great pics we receive of happy little customers, the chats in store when I am in on Saturdays and the appreciation of Australian made. You are our loyal customers, real people who appreciate quality and a small business and without your support we would not be here.

Tracy xxx